Who is Prime Healthcare Services?

Based in Ontario, CA, Prime Healthcare and the Prime Healthcare Foundation own and operate 29 acute-care hospitals with 4,700 beds in nine states. Prime Healthcare is the largest for-profit operator of hospitals in California, and has an established track record of turning around distressed institutions.

Who is the Prime Healthcare Foundation?

The Prime Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, owns and operates six of the Prime Healthcare hospitals and has over $850 million in net assets. Our DCHS Medical Foundation, LHM philanthropic foundations and St. Vincent Medical Center will become part of the Prime Healthcare Foundation.
What are the Mission and Values of Prime Healthcare?

Mission: “Prime Healthcare Services endeavors to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare in a convenient, compassionate and cost effective manner.”

Vision: “Prime Healthcare Services is consistently at the forefront of evolving national healthcare reform. Our organization provides an innovative and integrated healthcare delivery system. We remain ever cognizant of our patients’ needs and desires for high quality affordable healthcare.”


  • Compassion: We provide an environment that is caring and conducive to healing the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. We respect the individual needs, desires and rights of our patients.
  • Quality: We believe that continuous quality of care and performance improvement are the foundation for preserving and enhancing healthcare delivery. Effective communication and education of our patients, physicians, staff and the community we serve are essential elements of this process.
  • Comprehensive: We are committed to an integrated healthcare delivery system that encompasses the entire spectrum of healthcare delivery. This continuum of care encompasses all aspects of an individual’s healthcare.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We offer high quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable.

Tell me about Prime Healthcare’s quality and patient experience?

Prime Healthcare was recognized as one of the “Top 15 Health Systems” in the nation in 2013, based on quality of healthcare and patient satisfaction. In 2014, eight Prime hospitals were ranked among the “100 Top Hospitals” in the nation by Truven Health Analytics. More information about Prime Healthcare and their quality patient care can be found at www.primehealthcare.com.
Will Prime Healthcare honor employees’ pensions?

Yes. Preserving pensions was a top priority for the DCHS board. In fact, none of the other bidders would accept 100 percent responsibility for the pensions of the 17,000-plus union and non-union employees in our pension plans.
What are the other details of Prime Healthcare’s bid?

Prime Healthcare has committed to $150 million in capital improvements over the next three years; will maintain charity care policies and fund pastoral care programs for at least five years; and will honor existing union contracts. More details can be found on this site under Recent News, or on www.dochs.org under Latest News, Attorney General Filing.
Who were the other three finalists and why did they fail to make the cut?

Blue Wolf Capital, Strategic Global Management, Inc. and Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. were the other finalists. While all finalists had merit, none met as many of the criteria specified by the board of directors as Prime Healthcare did. Details of these bids are located on this website and on www.dochs.org, under Latest News, Attorney General Filing.
Will DCHS retain its Catholic identity?

Over the past two years, Prime Healthcare has purchased four hospitals with Catholic affiliations, and has respected the historical and cultural identity of the institutions. While it is not expected that the hospitals will retain their religious affiliations long-term, Prime intends to maintain the charity care policies and spiritual care that define the Daughters of Charity mission in its communities.
Will the Daughters still be present in the hospitals?

The Daughters will be present in our Local Health Ministries until the transition connected with the sale is completed and the Daughters are no longer the sponsors of the facilities.
What happens to the proceeds from the sale?

The proceeds from the hospital sale will go to paying off the debts that we have incurred while upholding our mission during these economically troubling times for the health care industry.
Will patients be impacted by the sale?

Patients will not see any disruption in our day-to-day operations. Patient care and access to care in all of our hospitals remains the unwavering priority.